Burger Recipes

All Y’all Burger

YIELD: 4 Servings 


  • 4 Holten’s PARTY PACK Beef Patties (frozen)
  • 4 classic buns, cut in half across
  • 4 butter lettuce leaf, rinsed and dried, rough chopped
  • 1/2 cup pimento cheese spread*


  1. Place frozen Holten’s PARTY PACK Beef Patties on a 350-degree grill. Once juices come to the top, it’s ready to flip.
  2. While the beef patties are grilling, lightly toast buns on grill with cut sides down.
  3. Remove buns from grill and place a bed of chopped butter lettuce on the bottom half of each.
  4. Place the hot and juicy grilled burgers on the lettuce and top each with the pimento cheese spread.
  5. Add the bun tops and serve.

* Pimento cheese spread is available from the deli section or refrigerated section of your grocery store.