Throw a Party, Tips and Tricks

Backyard Party Tips

The best thing about hosting a backyard party is everything is self-serve. All you have to do is keep replenishing! We’ve discovered a few other tricks along the way.

  1. Bugs. We don’t know the alchemy here, but Glass + Water + Pennies = crazy fly-repelling abilities. Put a few glasses of water with 4-5 pennies around your backyard. Try it!
  2. Buffet style. Strategically place a long table or series of tables. Put down tablecloths, plates, utensils and napkins. Then place the sides, chips and dips. Then place everything to build-a-burger: buns, sauces, grilled patties, cheeses and other toppings. For larger crowds, keep the lines down both sides of the table.
  3. Cold. Keep cold foods cold with these tips: Wrap a large tablecloth around the bottom of a large plastic container and fill it with ice. Then nestle bowls and serving trays in the ice. The tablecloth will help absorb condensation. Also, freeze your serving trays and bowls before filling with food.
  4. Hot. Keep hot foods hot with slow cookers, chafing dishes and single electric burners. Another great tip: you can keep foods hot in a cooler! The same insulation that keeps ice cold keeps dishes hot for transportation.
  5. Atmosphere. Music, lighting, seating – these are the little touches that make a party memorable.
  6. Beverages. Invest in a large drink dispenser. You can have cold water flavored with cucumbers, lemons or limes. Or make up a big batch of an adult beverage such as margaritas, sangria or your favorite drink – just don’t put the ice in the dispenser. Let guests serve themselves with cups, ice and pour their own.