Tips and Tricks

Let Us Explore Lettuce

There is something wonderful about getting that cool, crunchy lettuce in your burger bite! There are so many types of lettuces on the market. Let’s take a look.

  1. Iceberg. The old standby. You can use whole leaves, cut into rounds, shredded – very versatile. Bonus: it stays fresher longer.
  2. Romaine. Take out the rib and one leaf is enough for 2-3 burgers.
  3. Butter. As the name implies, this is a soft lettuce and it is delicious. Drawback – it bruises easily.
  4. Arugula. Peppery flavor that takes on dressing really well. It’s not as crunchy as iceberg, but it has a lot of flavor.
  5. Frisée. Great texture and color. Also takes dressing really well.